"Archero" is an adventure game based on shooting. It is controlled by virtual handle buttons. The hero has a variety of exclusive skills, and a variety of different skill combinations are combined to release lethality and defeat BOSS.

Figure Fantasy

"Figure Fantasy" is a cool hand-made mobile game with a hand-made theme. The game integrates the gameplay of collecting, developing, and placing cards, allowing players to enjoy the fun of easy and strategic placement.

Shining Nikki

"Shining Nikki" is a dress-up game. It is the culmination of 6 years of the Shining Nikki series, which took 3 years to build. Thousands of 3D materials and extreme high-definition details provide players with unlimited possibilities to create clothing styles.

Mole's World

"Mole's World mobile game is a leisure community that integrates nostalgia, puzzle, development, socialization, and plot. It inherits the brand advantages of "Mole's World", continues the vivid characters and rich and exciting storyline, and adopts a new 3D form to present those familiar and beautiful scenes in front of the players in a more three-dimensional manner, making Little Moore more. Authentically enjoy laid-back estate life.

Idle Courier

"Idle Courier" is a casual mobile game of simulation business with simple operation, fresh graphics and no lack of strategy. Players have their own express company. Starting from a primary express company, they can meet the diverse needs of customers by adding packaging equipment such as fragile products and fresh food, gradually develop the market, and establish their own business.

Stella Arcana

"Stella Arcana" is a massively multiplayer role-playing, magical 3D, Korean aesthetic mobile game. The game has a big world structure, a fresh painting style, a unique and innovative gameplay design, an end-game social system, and a rich dungeon combat mechanism dedicated to creating a world of its own for players.

Football Master

"Football Master" is a football manager mobile game for global players. It has the official authorization of many top European clubs such as AC Milan, Inter Milan, Barcelona, ​​Paris Saint-Germain, and FIFAPro, so it has real data of more than 2,000 players. In the App Store and Google Play in many countries in Europe, America, and Asia, it has been officially recommended in the sports category for a long time, and the number of players worldwide exceeds 20 million.

The Marvelous Snail

"The Marvelous Snail" is a collection and development game with placement elements, and it is also a large-scale sitcom "in a game coat". Players will play a weak snail and eventually surpass all races, including humans, through their own efforts. , become the strongest creature.

Crisis Action

"Crisis Action" is an FPS competitive mobile game. In the game, players can jump and shoot freely and experience a more realistic 3D game world. The game has dozens of built-in maps and modes for players to choose from, including blasting, annihilation, team battles, heads-up, capture the flag, grab objects, and other special gameplay.